Greetings from Los Angeles, California! Here you will

"When you visit Los Angeles, you'll discover that much of the vibrant life here seems to thrive somewhere between reality and dream. This alluring place is where trends are born. Convertibles. Unique Los Angeles hotels. Short skirts. Health food. In-line skates. Even the Internet. Since its beginning, LA has lived on the cusp of a trend, always re-inventing itself from Mexican outpost to agricultural Mecca to boomtown movie colony to high-tech aerospace hub to the new economy. LA reaches new horizons every day. Los Angeles first coined the word tourist.

Because most of us arrived here as strangers, LA makes up the richest ethnic mix in the country. Cultures from around the world rub elbows and join hands in fusions of language, fashion and food. Have you tried a Thai taco? We have them. This cultural celebration also means we have more stage theaters (80+) and museums (300) than any U.S. city. With metropolitan LA at more than twice the size of Switzerland, you can be sure there's plenty to explore.

Los Angeles

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